Kite Hill Cream Cheese – Plain

We tried the Kite Hill plain after we sampled the chive — and expected this flavor to be less exciting than its chive version. But while it’s not chivey, it is no less delicious.

kite-hill-plainAmong three tasters of a good many vegan cream cheeses over the years, this is the hands-on favorite. This almond-milk-based cheese is perfect for those who want a simple and very good, very authentic vegan cream cheese.

plainIt would likely be great in recipes, but unlike other vegan cream cheeses, it doesn’t have a too-sweet or artificial flavor. It is just plain delicious.

Kite Hill Cream Cheese – Chive

This is my new favorite cream cheese. I used to be addicted to Daiya’s chive & onion cream cheese for bagels, but now it’s this Kite Hill variety. I haven’t looked back.

img_5770This Kite Hill cream cheese is perfect … light, fluffy, creamy, with a wonderful flavor if you like the chives. It’s delicious and flavorful enough to use on crackers, veggies, and crusty bread.

kite-hillOf all the cream cheeses we’ve reviewed, Kite Hill stands so far above the rest. No longer will we ever have to say “it’s pretty good for a vegan cream cheese” — this is just delicious, period. (Stay tuned for our review of the plain version!)

So Delicious Coconut Milk Yogurt

Next on our list of vegan yogurts is So Delicious, whose vegan yogurts are made from coconut milk.

IMG_2926We sampled the vanilla flavor, which had a wonderful, vanilla-bean taste. (Other flavors include chocolate, blueberry, and mango.)

vegan cheese tastingThe texture of the yogurt was quite watery, which I didn’t enjoy — it’s not as thick as Kite Hill, and very thin compared to Daiya’s Greek Style.

vegan cheese tasting sodelicousBut this does make a good yogurt alternative, especially when you’re enjoying it with cereal or something else that just needs a little something to hold it all together.

Daiya Greek-style yogurt

We continue our coverage of vegan yogurts with Daiya Greek-style yogurts, which come in four flavors (peach, strawberry, blueberry, and black cherry).

IMG_2488The first flavor sampled was blueberry — which is insanely purple in color (see ingredients list here) and also delicious. The texture is nice and thick, just as a Greek-style yogurt should be, and it’s smooth and creamy as well.

IMG_2492We also tried Daiya’s Black Cherry flavor, which was also lovely; its tangy flavor was especially good, and it has all the smooth, thick creaminess as well (with none of the psychedelic color).

bc3While these yogurts do contain fruit for flavor, they are not fruit-on-the-bottom types (which I think is a good thing — better to add your own fruit than dredge up fruit that’s been sitting at the bottom of a yogurt cup, right?). Overall, highly recommended for yogurt lovers.

Treeline Green Peppercorn

We love Treeline‘s many cheeses, especially the French-style spreadable cheeses, and so were thrilled to discover a new flavor (to us, anyway) at a local grocery: Green Peppercorn.

This one is indeed, exactly as the package reads, “mild yet subtly tangy” — it’s terrific on crackers but mild enough to put on bagels as a cream-cheese substitute if you like a little bit of flavor.

This vegan cheese has the wonderful consistency all of Treeline’s spreadable cheeses have, and if you like pepper, you’ll love this — the pepper flavor gives it a nice kick. If your local store doesn’t have it yet, check Treeline’s website to learn more. Because you definitely want this in your fridge.

Parmela Aged Cheddar Shreds & Mozzarella

With a local grocer stocking these new cheeses from Parmela, a pizza party was clearly in order.

First, a few words about Parmela Creamery’s aged nut cheese — these cheddar shreds were delicious to eat out of the bag (which is not even close to true of most vegan shreds, most of which are waxy and/or taste very artificial). But these aged cheddar shreds, which are cashew-based, are flavorful and have a smooth, creamy texture.


We also tried Parmela’s aged mozzarella, which comes in a cube ready for either slicing or shredding.


This mozzarella is good enough to eat plain, on bread or crackers — it is mild and has a nice authentic texture.


And both cheeses melt beautifully and taste wonderful on pizza (especially with mushrooms, tomatoes, and Field Roast sausage). They’d likely be delicious in any recipe calling for cheddar or mozzarella.


Visit Parmela online for more info on their offerings (and then contact your local stores to get them to carry this stuff).

The Cultured Kitchen Cashew Reserve

We were delighted to find this Cashew Reserve spread from The Cultured Kitchen at our local co-op.


The Cultured Kitchen makes two varieties (the other, Smokey Chedda, sounds amazing), and we sampled Herbs & Chives, which has a mild, delicate flavor. Especially lovely is the hint of lavender.


The texture isn’t as smooth as some vegan spreads, but this is to be expected with a product as natural as this one. While we spread this lovely vegan cheese on crackers, given its consistency, it’s even better as a dip…and would be a beautiful addition to any holiday gathering.

Miyoko’s Cheesy Garlic Vegan Butter

Miyoko’s Cheesy Garlic Vegan Butter is absolutely fantastic. We are not one bit surprised (though we are disappointed it’s no longer in the online store — we hope it’ll return soon!).


This lovely butter comes in a tub, and it is flaked with herbs and has a very buttery consistency — impossible to tell it’s not “real” butter.

IMG_8107We spread it onto slices of crusty French bread, which we then popped into the oven to make garlic bread.

IMG_8112Our bread emerged from the oven with a perfectly melted, buttery, cheesy, garlicky topping — and it was delectable. (We also tried adding the butter to warmed bread, but it is much better when applied liberally to bread, then warmed.)

You can spread it on as thick or as thin as you’d like, but thin works well because this butter is so incredibly flavorful.  The only problem with this lovely new product is that it sells out so fast — get it while you can!

NuCulture Garden Herbs cashew spread

At the same time we tasted NuCulture’s Bacony Chipotle cashew spread, we sampled its Garden Herbs variety.


Like the spicy chipotle flavor, this one is light, creamy, spreadable — and delicious.


And while it doesn’t have the kick of the Bacony Chipotle, it’s herbs and spices are lovely, and it’s wonderful on crackers and bread. It’s perfect for anyone who’s looking for a less eye-watering snack, and it would be glorious on a bagel.


Check out NuCulture’s website to learn more and to find recipes. We look forward to trying (once we can find them!) the other two cashew spreads soon!

NuCulture Bacony Chipotle cashew spread

We were delighted to discover two NuCulture cashew spreads at our local food co-op (stay tuned for the review of the Garden Herbs variety).


NuCulture has four plant-based spreads (including a dessert flavor, pumpkin spice), and all are vegan as well as gluten- and soy-free. The Bacony Chipotle is slightly bacony and incredibly spicy (in a great way).


We enjoyed this spread on crackers and fresh bread, and it would also be delicious on a baked potato or as a dip for french fries … it’s light and creamy in texture and would be incredibly versatile on just about anything you wanted to add a bit of spice to (or make that a lot of spice).

NuCulture offers recipes on its website, and we also discovered that this variety, combined with the Garden Herbs flavor, created a wonderful cool-hot sensation (but that’s as far as we went, recipe-wise). Stay tuned for our next review…