Miyoko’s French Style Winter Truffle

Midge Raymond

Midge Raymond is a co-founder of Ashland Creek Press. She is the author of the novel My Last Continent and the award-winning short story collection Forgetting English.

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I honestly didn’t think Miyoko’s could top its amazing Double Cream Chive, but this one comes pretty close.


Winter Truffle is an exceptionally rich, creamy vegan cheese that is best described by Miyoko’s Kitchen: “An elegant, woodsy, and earthy wheel marbled with truffle-scented mushrooms. Explodes with deep umami flavors in a luxurious creamy base.” This description is spot-on.

wtWe enjoyed this on crackers and crusty bread, but it would also be delicious mixed into pasta or risotto.


And, this cheese goes very well with this lovely Handley pinot noir — also vegan, of course.


Welcome to the vegan cheese revolution

John Yunker

John Yunker is a novelist, playwright, web globalization geek, and co-founder of Ashland Creek Press. Learn more at www.JohnYunker.com.

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There was a time not long ago when eating vegan cheese was not, to put it mildly, the most enjoyable experience.┬áThese were the days when “it melts” was considered a major product selling point.

Thankfully, those days are behind us.

We live in a Renaissance period of vegan cheeses.

This blog is dedicated to exploring these cheeses — and pairing them with vegan wines! — and sharing our tastings with you.

We hope you enjoy this journey as much as we do.