Miyoko’s Double Cream Garlic Herb

I so adore Miyoko’s Double Cream Chive that, given the choice, I usually go for that first — but this decadent, flavorful cheese is a very close second.

IMG_8406 - Version 2

Double Cream Garlic Herb seems somewhat less creamy than the Double Cream Chive, but it’s just as full of spice and flavor. And it’s just as rich and scrumptious.

As with all of Miyoko’s cheeses, this one is fantastic on bread or crackers…it would also slice nicely for sandwiches and wraps, and Miyoko‘s recommends trying it on bagels and baked potatoes as well. Whatever you do with this one, you can’t possibly go wrong.

Miyoko’s Napa Valley in a Brandy-Cured Grape Leaf

When we saw that Miyoko’s Kitchen was offering a Limited Edition cheese, in a brandy-cured leaf no less, we couldn’t resist.


The Napa Valley in a Brandy-Cured Grape Leaf is, like so many Miyoko’s cheeses, a thing of beauty.


This cheese soaked in a bit of the brandy it was wrapped in and has a hint of flavor and sweetness, and it otherwise has a lovely nutty, slightly smoky flavor.


This soft, creamy cheese is rich and indulgent — and we highly recommend trying it while it’s available. It’s perfect for early summer feast with fresh bread or crackers.


Heidi Ho “Ne Chèvre”

We recently found the Heidi Ho brand of artisan cheeses and were delighted to give them a try. We sampled two different kinds of “Ne Chèvre” — Pure, and Black Lava.

Heidi Ho

The Pure version was bland and flavorless. The texture was not perfectly smooth — which is not unlike my memory of goat cheese, though it’s been a while — but this made the cheese a bit less appetizing.


Much tastier was the Black Lava version, which had a layer of crushed hazelnut and black salt about halfway through.

Heidi Ho2

Stirred throughout the cheese, this layer greatly enhanced the flavor, giving it a lovely nutty flavor. This cheese was also much richer than the plain “Ne Chèvre.”


We’re not sure we’d go out of our way for either of these cheeses again, but Heidi Ho seems better known for its Chia Cheezes, which we’re eager to try; these come in creamy, spicy, and smoky flavors and look both delicious and versatile. Stay tuned!

In Los Angeles? Check out Vromage…

Los Angeles is a bit of a vegan heaven, and now for one more reason: Vromage.


This all-vegan-cheese shop is now open in West Hollywood. Here’s a glimpse at the menu:


And you don’t need to be in L.A. to enjoy Vromage…visit the online store to shop for such items as Veganzola, Feta Herb, Asiago, Brie, Pepperjack, and Truffle Cream.

We will be reviewing these vegan delicacies as soon as we can get our hands on them…

Vtopian Sharp Cheddar

We were glad to have the opportunity to try another Vtopian cheese — sharp cheddar.

sharp cheddar

Like the other Vtopian cheeses we’ve tried, this one tasted more sweet than sharp (as with the caramelized onion camembert, this one contains soy-based yogurt). As Dana pointed out, “That’s what you get cheese for, the kick.”

Yet despite not being as sharp as we’d expected, this cheese still had a wonderfully cheesy texture.

sharp 2

We paired this wine, by the way, with Trinity Oaks Pinot Noir, one of our favorite vegan reds.

Miyoko’s Herbes de Provence

This week’s tasting was Miyoko’s Country Style Herbes de Provence, a departure from the double cream cheeses we are so addicted to from Miyoko’s.

herbesLike everything shipped from Miyoko’s, this wheel came beautifully packaged.


This cheese is covered with herbs (on the website, lovely purple specks of lavender are visible, though not on the cheese we received). Still, it’s no less appetizing — and the lavender flavor came through in every bite.


This is a firmer cheese, very easily sliced — and if set out for a while, it’s highly spreadable. The bursts of flavors from the herbs (among them, lavender, rosemary, and thyme) blend well with the mellow, creamy texture and flavor of the cheese.


This is another amazing cheese from Miyoko’s — we have yet to try one that it’s very near perfection. Enjoy!

AND — as if you need a reason to order Miyoko’s online — the company is now donating 1 percent of all online sales to nonprofits — for the month of may, the nonprofit is Friends of Animals. Learn more here.

Vtopian Caramelized Onion Camembert

Today we present Vtopian‘s Caramelized Onion Camembert.

caramelized onionThis cheese wedge, thanks to its caramelized onion topping, is quite sweet and would make a great dessert cheese.

co 2

In general, we noticed that Vtopian cheeses have a longer list of ingredients than either Treeline or Mikoyo’s (which generally have under ten ingredients), and the sweetness in this wedge seems to come from the soy-based yogurt. Despite the sweetness of this cheese, the total sugar is less than 1 gram per 1-ounce serving. And the major ingredients of Vtopian cheeses are organic.


We had a lovely vegan-friendly wine — Guenoc Victorian Claret — which, thanks to its complexity and spice, made a great pairing with this sweetish cheese.


Miyoko’s Double Cream Sundried Tomato Garlic

As always, Miyoko’s does an amazing job with vegan cheese. This Double Cream Sundried Tomato Garlic is no exception.


This magnificent cheese (oops, I meant cultured nut product) is bursting with flavor, and its consistency is as lovely and creamy as other Miyoko’s cheeses we’ve tried.


I love this on bread and crackers (a meal in itself), but it would also be lovely on pasta. The Miyoko’s website features a recipe for risotto using this cheese that looks incredible.

Treeline Classic Aged Artisanal Treenut Cheese

This Treeline Classic Aged Artisanal Treenut Cheese is the hard aged cheese all vegans have been waiting for.


While this cheese is a little softer than an aged parmesan, it’s just as flavorful and a bit creamier (and best yet, environmentally friendly and cruelty free).

This Treeline Classic Aged Nut Cheese comes in a small package, but this is for the best: its richness and intense flavor make it difficult to eat too much at once.

IMG_8434This cheese is delicious sliced on crackers, but I especially love it shredded and added to any pasta dish. (Be sure to check out the smokey mushroom risotto recipe on Treeline’s website.)


The cheese can be shredded even finer for a more parmesan-like experience, but for me, the thick shreds are great (the more, the better).

Check back soon — I saw that Treeline has added new flavors, and we’ll do our best to get our hands on them as soon as humanly possible.

Vtopian Macadamia and Cashew Camembert

Our latest adventures in vegan cheese tasting include Vtopian artisan cheeses, based out of Eugene, Oregon.

m&c camembert

First we sampled Vtopian’s Macadamia and Cashew Camembert. This cheese is smooth, creamy, and slightly sweet.

m&c camembert2

Dana picked up our Vtopian cheeses at Portland’s Food Fight Grocery…but you can also order Vtopian online.

And follow Vtopian on Twitter (@VtopianCheeses) to keep track of where you can find these cheeses…they’re now in Whole Foods in Portland’s Pearl District, and according to a recent tweet, a Vtopia Vegan Cheese Shop and Deli will be opening  soon in Portland. We can’t wait.

Stay tuned…we’ll soon be reviewing three additional Vtopian cheeses!