Kite Hill Soft Fresh Truffle Dill & Chive

Midge Raymond

Midge Raymond is a co-founder of Ashland Creek Press. She is the author of the novel My Last Continent and the award-winning short story collection Forgetting English.

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Like Kite Hill’s Soft Fresh Original, this herb almond milk cheese has a damp, rubbery texture that makes it difficult to spread directly onto bread or crackers.

Kite Hill 2

However, the truffle, dill, and chive in this variety make it far more flavorful than the plain version, and its texture makes it absolutely perfect for sprinkling in salads…

KH herb

…and over vegan pizzas.

KH pizza

So if you’re looking for a creamy, herby addition to your favorite foods, give Kite Hill‘s Soft Fresh Truffle Dill & Chive a try. While it’s not ideal as a main event, cheese-wise, it’s an excellent enhancer to anything made better by being cheesier. (Which includes so many things.)