Vtopian Sharp Cheddar

Midge Raymond

Midge Raymond is a co-founder of Ashland Creek Press. She is the author of the novel My Last Continent and the award-winning short story collection Forgetting English.

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We were glad to have the opportunity to try another Vtopian cheese — sharp cheddar.

sharp cheddar

Like the other Vtopian cheeses we’ve tried, this one tasted more sweet than sharp (as with the caramelized onion camembert, this one contains soy-based yogurt). As Dana pointed out, “That’s what you get cheese for, the kick.”

Yet despite not being as sharp as we’d expected, this cheese still had a wonderfully cheesy texture.

sharp 2

We paired this wine, by the way, with Trinity Oaks Pinot Noir, one of our favorite vegan reds.